Harvesting for Leeks and finding a Turtle

Out Harvesting for Spring Leeks! Beatrice was very excited about this and as she was running around in the leeks she found a snapping turtle! Dan and Diane where not so excited about Beatrice's (Jack Russel) "new friend". This snapping turtle travels through the forest from Glen lake to Moose lake to lay her eggs (always stopping by a neighbors cottage to say hi), and then back to Glen lake every spring! That's a big hike! To help her out, Mama turtle was given a lift back to Glen lake. The harvested leeks were delicious at dinner with roasted vegetables.

Sugaring Off

Sugaring off this spring, Diane was on her own when the sap started to really flow. Running from one tree to the other, buckets overflowing, only two jugs to transport the syrup from the trees, dashed to the Eagle Lake Market to buy two more jugs to save the sap! But the madness doesn't end, then its a 7am wake-up call to start the fire under the sugar pan to boil the sap to exactly seven degrees above the boiling point of water, this is an all day venture of keeping an eye on the sap, putting logs on the fire, sterilizing the maple syrup jars and finally pouring the newly made maple syrup into the jars while its still hot! The days are Fun and the pay off at the end is even more so with maple syrup on ice cream for the kids and on the rocks for the adults!

Spring Splash

Sir Sam's Ski/Ride annual Spring Splash on Easter long weekend. Spring Skiing, Family Costume contest, Puddle Jump and Après Ski Party in the Chalet!