Mafco House redefines the private getaway, honing the art of cottage living to its most natural form.

The designs are based on a 16′ x 16′ modular post and beam superstructure. Any number of standard modules can be selected to meet your space requirements. The series of modules are then configured to integrate with the building site’s topography, while considering both the sun’s path and the views beyond. For an open-plan with extensive walls of glass, the post and beam superstructure will facilitate glazing to provide views both near and distant.

Assembled on poured-concrete piers, a MH building can accommodate sloped sites while being sensitive to the land. Roof lines are kept low and flat, with framing components engineered to withstand maximum snow loads.

The standardization of modular building components and glazing systems eliminates the high costs of having a modern home custom designed and built, and simplifies construction methods at all stages of production.

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